The Bronxville Promise


Recognizing the opportunity for improvement, taking risks to create solutions that add value or serve a need.


Acting and inspiring others to work toward a positive outcome.

Think Critically

Engaging in a disciplined process to deepen understanding, evaluate possibilities, or construct a reasoned judgment.

Engage the World

Becoming informed and acting to make an impact in small and large ways.


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Bronxville Elementary News

Students Playing With Legos

From a spaceship launching station to telescopes and jumping frogs, Bronxville Elementary School students have been creating a variety of items at several stations set up outside on their school playground. Each day, the students can engage in unobstructed hands-on activities that foster their innovation skills during recess.

Students Doing Olympic Activities

With a little imagination and creativity, elementary school students have been participating in their own Winter Olympic-inspired games in their physical education classes. Under the guidance of physical education teachers Jacquelyn Frawley, Erin Greer and Anthony Vaglica, the students engaged in a torch relay, skeleton sprint relay, Olympic ring relay and short track speed skating relay.


Second graders culled ideas from their memory, experience, knowledge and imagination to create winter wonderland paintings in Kendall Fousek’s art class.

grad students group photo

A group of eight graduate students have been embedded in several elementary school classrooms to support students’ needs as part of the Teacher Residency program at the Bronxville School.

students programming robots on iPads

Fifth graders have been exploring line-based code and learning how to apply their knowledge of sequencing, loops, conditionals and functions to this new language. As part of a challenge in technology specialist Claire Hollocou’s class, the students programmed Dash robots.

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